• Task with ratchet back


    • Seat slide
    • Low polished base / high arched base
    • Upholstered outer back cover
    • 520 mm extra wide seat with thicker foam


The ENE is informed by the belief that design is not just about looks; it’s also about function.

Most people are familiar with the term ‘ergonomics’ and understand that ergonomic chairs are healthier for the body because they encourage intuitive, natural sitting positions that remove stress on the body. The ENE chair has key ergonomic features including: lumbar depth adjustability, backrest height adjustability, height adjustable padded armrests, backrest angle adjustability, chair recline or tilt, seat height adjustability, seat depth adjustability and seat pan angle adjustability. With all these innovative, value-added features, the ENE is one of our highest selling products.

Did you know?


The ENE task chair has been independently tested to Australian and international standards for durability and ergonomics, reaching a standard that certifies it for sever commercial 24 hour a day use.