• Urethane edge top
    • Black/White frame
    • Cable trays
    • Screens


    • USB fast charging


The FURSYS MOTION desk provides a user-optimised environment. It can adjust the height of the entire desk work surface. Therefore, you can keep the desk area constant at any height. Using motors from LINAK of Denmark, the world’s leading height adjustment mechanism manufacturer, guaranteeing the highest quality. MOTION desk adjusts with low vibration and low noise helping you to remain concentrated on work. You can adjust and set the height with the smart mobile application, and the A.I. will prompt you when to sit and when to stand based on your own programed goals.

Did you know?


The FURSYS MOTION desk Urethane edge reduces user fatigue and is certified by Greenguard. FURSYS uses E0 grade PB for the desktop, which has close to zero formaldehyde emission.