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The T51 Premium High performance executive chair by Fursys INC, a chair brand that aspires to support your passionate life on chairs that define your body and space, through which you can immerse in life as a HOMO SEDENS (Seating Human). Professionalism of chair designers and engineers at the Fursys INC R&D center has been building up a solid foundation to make this sincere aspiration into the promise of good and affordable chairs. Combined with cutting-edge ergonomic technologies supporting human movements to the maximum level of comfort, our smart and creative designs imbue a stronger value to your life. Determined to manufacture only the highest quality products, our uncompromising spirit of craftsmanship manifests itself in the final touches on details. Fursys INC’ passion for chairs your body and your lifestyle now extends towards the universal availability for global customer seeking for the higher quality in life.

Did you know?


The rectangular frame backrest support follows the body curve and moves with your body providing constant support and comfort coupled with the most premium of quality finishes.